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Private label products is what we see if a store or chain of stores publish products under their own brand. In this case, it is of the essence that the quality and the pricing meet the stores quality and price level.
BacktoBasiX is extremely experienced in producing private label products. Various large retailers have found their way to us, and we have been able to satisfy their demands for great products and perfect logistics for many years. Do not hesitate to ask us to advise you about your products, and make a fitting offer.


At BacktoBasiX we keep struggling with terms as private label, licensed products, and branded products. What’s important is the fact that we can design, products and bring to market any product, also yours.
So, if you think of publishing a diary or a stationery line under your brand name, we can help you do it. Your name, your band, your sports club. There are no limits. Please give us a call if you want some advice. We can take care of the total process (from concept to warehouse), or any art thereof.


A licensed product is a title, which we publish, under your name. A beautiful example is Pink Ribbon, a strong organisation to which the publishing of diaries is certainly not its core business, but which sees the diary as a great way of marketing its brand and sourcing income for their wonderful work. BacktoBasiX is really experienced at publishing diaries, calendars, and all related products for various companies, brands, or institutions. Maybe you’re next?