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Despite what happens online, and despite the increasing amount of digital products, paper stationery is a growing market. The present trend is for people to go back to paper. Go back to feeling and holding a product. Go back to writing. A stationery line consists of various products. Most important are notebooks, ranging from small to large (A4). In addition, address books, folders, writing products, gift-wrapping paper can be added. But also pencil cases, toiletry bags are popular.
BacktoBasiX is the publisher of three great brands: Tinne+Mia, Pimpelmees and Paper Fuel. Three brands that are more than just stationery. They are a total concept. When the concept is put together in a good way, the end customer is going to want to buy many products. He or she will be greedy. Moreover, they will want to “live the brand”.
Are you thinking of publishing a stationery concept? Come and see us. We can advise about style, products, quality, materials, marketing and sales. We can produce your products in any shape, colour, style and quality you wish.


At BacktoBasiX we do not like cheap stuff. We like quality. However this does not necessarily mean a product must be high-priced. By making the design and the choice of material meet the production and planning, we always succeed at making your products at the right price. This is made possible thanks to decennia of experience and a worldwide network of professionals.


The mere fact that a stationery line consists of many different products, produced in various places, requires careful planning. It is quite a challenge to make the designs meet the technical requirements of the different production techniques, and more even to find a way to coordinate the total production. Planning is, again, what we are good at. We can do ‘fast’ and ‘urgent’ when needed. But we prefer starting in time. It saves money and trouble. So, if you want to know more, do not wait, but get in touch today.