What makes a school diary unique? Each year, over a hundred titles will find their way to the stores. Just about every theme is turned into a school diary, and many brands have discovered this unique way of adding value to their marketing mix.?But one diary is stronger than the others. How come?
At BacktoBasiX we have worked on finding out about this for a long time. And we have a lot of answers. It’s in the little, and in the big things. The brand. The paper. The design. The gadgets. And a little bit the price.
Want to find out more? Come and see us, and we will help you bring your own title to market.


One would think that all school diaries require the same approach. As long as you can write your schedule, your homework and some personal stuff in it, it’s good.
Students think differently. Their diary is a way of expressing who they are. Thanks to the internet and the ever-increasing digitalisation, their world changes constantly. It is our challenge to develop paper products that help them organise, and at the same time, identify who they are.


Students do not only need a new diary each year. Other items such as wrapping paper, exercise books, ring binders and writing instruments are on their lists. And of course, it is not always just about functionality. The quality must be good, as well as the brand and the design.
BacktoBasiX is strong in developing a complete concept for the total range of back-to-school products. For the student this is great: all products in style. For a licensor this is even better: more products that tell your story?.